Question about SO/POs...

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  1. Is it true that the managers have no idea what skins & colors are currently available for "order" until they get to Paris? For whatever reason, I thought some might know beforehand... TIA!
  2. My manager gets the complete list of available leathers/colors a few weeks after they gets back from Podium. Then we can over it and see what is available for a SO.....
    That list just pertains to SOs which are more exacting than her podium orders which are more basic. And Yes, from what I know they don't know what they can order until they arrive.....but Podium orders are always going to be Gold, BJ, Blk, in Togo, Clemence, etc, the rarer leather availibilities are not always such an issue with them, if that makes sense. Sorry if I was unclear about at some point here, :smile: .....
  3. Really? Then I was totally off. I thought you had to place your orders beforehand, regardless of whether they're SO or PO & hope for the best. And then they'd find out at podium if the orders were accepted or rejected based on the available skins. I didn't know that you can place orders after podium.
  4. Of course. other people may have had different experiences than I have had. I am simply reporting my understanding of things.
    In my experience, one can put in a general podium "request", such as a Gold Fjord 35cm Birkin w/ PH. In all likelihood it will go through with your boutiques full order, unless they aren't doing Fjord in 35cms and then your manager might switch your order to Togo or Clemence or whatever is available.
    As for SOs, they require consultation with the client directly about leather/color, interior, stitching...etc. I haven't been able to do this type of consult until the available leathers/colors are known and in general, that list has not been presented until after the podium.
    I hope that clears up my initial posting a bit.
  5. Totally. Now I just have to pray that my orders get accepted THIS podium. If not, my sweet SA has promised to keep trying until it does...Thank you!
  6. hermes_lemming, SOs are placed AFTER the podium. Podium orders are placed when the managers are in Paris. And it's true that they typically do not know what's being offered at the podium which is why each podium buy is so stressful for them because it covers not only bags (all bags) but also accessories, small leather goods, scarves, and RTW.

    So what stores typically do, is to accept orders/requests for bags of various combos in advance of the podium, and if the combos are available at the podium, they are placed right away (if the store has promised you that you're getting priority to place a podium order). These will go through without any hassle.

    But let's assume that the combo you want is NOT offered as at the podium, but your store wishes to try for you as a SO, then the manager will raise the paper work to make such an order for you. I have known of cases where a customer's requested combo was not offered even as an SO but Paris accepted it anyway, and made the bag for the customer. It's so subjective, it's puzzling.

    You should be told by now if your order was accepted by Paris or wasn't it. Your store manager must know.
  7. Does any know the approx time of each podium in a year? :confused1:

    coz I want to place an order for a Birkin & my SA said her list is full for the next 2 years already (wow, she must have a pretty looooong list on hand :shocked: )... should I start to think for a SO instead (so I get something different)? since its taking quite a long time to place a PO anyway?
  8. January and July I believe.
  9. February and July every year. Feb is the buying period for Autumn/Winter collection the same year. July is the buying period of the Spring/Summer collection the following year.

    SOs are alot harder to come by depending on the number of VIPs at a specific store (all swallowed up by them) and also the SO quota given to them by Paris (this is a function of the store sales down)

  10. what defines a VIP? dollars spent? celebrity?
  11. I honestly don't think Hermes gives a hoot if someone is a celebrity. So my guess is, yeah ... dollars spent.

  12. ive always thought that and tried to buy other things so as not to look like all i wanted was the bags !
  13. I AGREE! But when I walked into the boutique... nothing much catch my eyes other than BAAAAAAAAAAAGS... :p

    I am dont wear scarf, the clothes aren't exactly my style... so I mostly look at accessories & small leather goods... but my local boutique doesn't offer a large range of small leather items. What should I do? Can I ask for a SO directly? Or wait for my SA to offer?

  14. ASK;)