Question about small Sophia strap length

  1. Can anybody help me figure this out?
    I have a watercolor Sophia and a berry Sophia and the longer shoulder strap is longer on the berry (I prefer that length I find it hangs better)
    I am thinking of buying a black Sophia style 18609 from someone but I was wondering if the strap is comparable to the berry or watercolor - does anyone know? I am not sure when that style came out and even though it's only an inch or so it makes a difference.
  2. Look on the creeds and see what year they were made.

    Do the straps go across the top of the bag, or slant downward. I'm not familiar with either of these colors. I bet one is the older sophia and one is the newer style.
  3. I think 18609 is the new style so I bet it is just like your watercolor, not your berry.
  4. I think the drop is like 12" with the strap on the Sophia.