Question about sleeper bags

  1. I noticed that the sleeper bags I get with my LV purses have flaps, where I've seen some that have a drawstring. Does LV usually make the sleeper bags with the flaps? Or maybe the one that I saw was fake?
  2. I think that it depends on the size of the bag. I tend to purchase smaller bags, i.e. Lexington, satin boulouge, etc., and those all had flaps. On the other hand, my excursion gm came in a drawstring bag, so I really think that the dustbag all depends on the size.
  3. I think the drawstring dustbags were newer than the flap ones. I think they make both now.
  4. I like the drawstring one better, hopefully they'll offer more in the future.
  5. I think they give the ones with the drawstrings for larges bags (I could be wrong though). My MC Speedy came with one and all the rest of the bags have the ones with the flap.
  6. Hmmm, I think it all depends what the store's stockroom looked like on any given day:P. My Epi 25 came with a drawstring.

  7. Next time I buy an LV bag, I'll try and remember to ask the SA for a drawstring...I thought that you were pretty much stuck with what they gave you! :P
  8. I believe the new drawstring bags (ie, the cotton cloth ones) were introduced after the cotton flap dustbags. I've noticed that my small to medium-sized LV bags always came in flap bags whereas most of my large bags came with the drawstring bags.
  9. The bag for my PH is a flap, the bag for my Speedy 40 is a drawstring.
  10. LV has made both for many years. V
  11. My speedy came with a flap! I would have much preferred a drawstring.
  12. i really like the new cotton dustbags instead of the felt ones.
  13. From my poupette:

    In addition to the question below, they also say that the flap bags were introduced in 4. Before then, it was the drawstring.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I just wonder what kind of dust bag is supposed to go with a Speedy? The normal dust bag for a Speedy or the dust bag that has a string at the top, like the one for those big big bowling bags?[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Speedy bags typically come with a large bag with a flap (for when the bag is folded), not a bag with a drawstring. However, it may all depend on what is available at the store. [/FONT]
  14. all my stuff have flaps. i even asked for a dustbag for my desk agenda, and they gave me a flap one.. and i swear it's for a speedy 25, because the dustbag is HUGE for the agenda. haha.
  15. my Speedys have drawstrings, while my smaller bags have flaps