Question about Skinnies

  1. Ok- forgive me for all my questions, but I am new at this. What does a Skinny hold? I just saw one on eBay and it would totally match my new bag, but i can't tell what it will hold. On average what are the prices for them?
  2. its the perfect size for credit cards (length wise), I usually carry my id/credit cards in there plus a chapstick
  3. credit cards and some cash is about all it holds. or, what, the nano? (i own a video, so i never paid attention)

    pricewise, new ones are usually $38 (lurex and stuff is more expensive).
  4. they do hold a nano.

    mine holds cash, some cards and i use the key ring to hold all my "super saving vaule cards" that would look tacky on my regular key ring.
  5. You can also fit the new shuffle in there. (of course - that new shuffle can fit ANYwhere...i swear I'm gonna lose mine within a week!)

    I mainly use my skinnies for my license/debit card and some cash. It's perfect for when you go to concerts too!
  6. just like the wristlets, i use it for cc's, cash, id's, change. it's cute and very useful
  7. Credit cards, IDs and even your cell if it's slim and thin enough.