question about skin and quitting smoking

  1. hey everyone!

    so i quit smoking a little over 2 weeks ago. it's going pretty well (still really hard esp when i do something for the first time since quitting that i associated with smoking). anyway i know one of the things that's supposed to get better after smoking is your skin. i have pretty bad skin to begin with (adult acne blows! esp when you had teen acne too!) but it's not getting any better. in fact, it seems to be freaking out right now. does anyone know if this is normal, if it will clear up and if so, when?

    any quitting advice or tips are appreciated. not many people i know have quit recently and can give me any pointers on what to expect. some people say it gets easier after the second week, the third, you hit a wall at the first month, the third, etc. i just want to know what to expect. the cravings haven't gone away yet (doing the patch) and i don't know when they will....

    sorry, rambling. thanks!
  2. Well done for lasting 2 weeks! I've just come to my 4th month mark and the girls here on TPF were wonderfully supportive and really helped me through some bad patches (and hopefully this will last).

    My first week was absolute hell. You can expect the horrible cravings to continue coming in waves for about a month or so. But after that, it's more about habit rather than a real physical craving. Just stay away from activities you normally associate with smoking (I tried to go out drinking and dancing less for about a month) so you won't be tempted to relapse. Chew gum to have something to do with your mouth, and occasionally, you can allow yourself to breathe in some second hand smoke - that helped for me anyway.

    Sorry, can't help with your question about your break out. But mine is a lot better after I quit. It's a lot less dull now, and I've been asked how come I've acquired a glow :smile:

    Good luck!!!
  3. thanks biblio! so glad to hear someone else is going through it and it gets better. i know there are plenty of days that are ok and then some (like yesterday) that are pure hell. i've been eating candy like it's my J.O.B. mostly sucking candies and lollipops. I try not to do the things that i did as a smoker but that's pretty much everything- esp night in front of the computer (though i have been doing that a little less).

    right now i'm trying to stay away from all smoking, if i see someone on the street i walk away from them fast or if i see it on tv i close my eyes. lol. i know. it sounds weird.
  4. Congratulations on stopping smoking!

    I stopped a few years back and while I don't remember it affecting my skin I do remember feeling run down for a while- I think it is just your system beginning to heal itself after all the smoking abuse. I was definitely tired and had a bad throat for a while (which was annoying cause I was expecting to feel the benefits straight away).

    If your skin is sensitive to begin with then it could definitely be affected by all the physical changes your system is going through just now. After a while you will definitely see an improvement. My skin is much better now than it was when I was a smoker- I think it is pretty easy to tell a smoker by their complexion, regardless of if their complexion is clear or not, smokers have a grey pallor and a clogged up dusty look to their skin- with all the extra oxygen getting to your skin soon your complexion will look beautiful and bright in comparison.
  5. First of all, big congratulations on quitting!

    It is probably taking a little while for your body to adjust to quitting, so I would wait about a month to see skin improvement.

    When I quit I definitely had to chew gum and do stuff with my hands and my free time to resist the urge to smoke. My cravings went away quickly and I didn't have any for over a year, lately I've been wanting a cigarette because I've been stressed, but so far so good on resisting. My SO had been a much heavier smoker and for much longer, and I think the first month or so was hardest for him. Now he does not report any cravings, and April will be two years since we quit.
  6. It will take a while for your body and skin to heal itself and get back to top working order. Congrats on quitting smoking, that is something I have struggled with in the past and it is rough. It gets easier after a couple months. To help your recovery try working out- any kind of workout like weights, cardio, pilates- these will al help you with quitting and help your circulation get back up to par, which in turn helps your skin.
  7. I've quit smoking, too, but sadly I don't think your skin improves after quitting. The damage is already done, kwim?
  8. I imagine that the toxins are working their way out of your system AND you're under stress which is known to contribute to adult acne. KUDOS for quitting smoking. I quit almost 4 years ago and just want to tell you that one day you will become a non-smoker! Just keep with it. Keep avoiding actively lit cigarettes and closing your eyes when people smoke on TV. I still do it. Smoking was a major love affair and breaking up is hard to do. When I first quit, I bought some of these . Super duper helped.
  9. Yeah definitely stay away from people who smoke if you can, but make sure you have a couple of friends whom you can call if the craving gets really bad. My office is full of ex-smokers so they were quite good about encouraging me. And i'd call or text some friends who volunteered to be on hand to talk to me during bad periods- and that helped too. Also, come here if you're about to give in and we'll set you straight! :yes:

    good luck, and really, the worse is over. so it's about just hanging in there at this point. i have to say though, i still feel pangs of envy when i see people smoking - but i'm glad i went through with it, and you will too.
  10. thanks everyone!!!

    hide- it totally IS a major love affair. sigh. breaking up is hard to do.

    yesterday i had my first really stressful event that would usually have been a trigger for me. something at work. i imed my friend bc i was super upset and he was like "i'm sorry, don't smoke" and to be honest, it never occured to me. as much as i WANT to smoke- i don't have any and i'm not going to go and buy any or ask anyone for any so i'm just not smoking. period. i don't know but that's the odd way i've been looking at it.

    i did, howver, buy a quit smoking hypnosis album on itunes last night. i listened to it when i went to bed. not sure if it will work but hey, every little bit helps! i do have to make a playlist of just that bc i woke up in the middle of the night like "how is natalie cole's everlasting love going to make me quit smoking? oh, wait, that's not part of it..." lol
  11. Big congratulations, H! Everyone tells me that smoking is the hardest one to quit--harder than alcohol or drugs. I've never been a smoker so I can't tell you how it will go. However, I had a good friend (much younger than me) who was a heavy smoker and quit. Within a few months, her complexion had improved so much! She really had a healthy glow. I hope that happens for you. If the break-outs don't decrease, see your dermatologist. ( I have rosacea and it's ridiculous at my age)
  12. BIG congrats. I quiit, too, but I was only an occasional smoker so I know it's not the same as what you're dealing with.

    One thing that might help you in both respects is to start a new skincare regimen. I mean, you could go to the shisedo (sp?) counter and get yourself a new cleanser. Then, if you make it another month (two weeks?) you could go and get a facial... if you "reward" yourself with stuff that's healthy for your skin, it might give you incentive AND help with the skin issue.

    Hope this helps!
  13. thanks everyone. it looks like maybe my skin's clearing up a little.... don't know.

    sox- congrats on quitting too! that's a good idea. i'm so bad about that stuff though. i did reward myself with shoes! (the ones in my avatar)

    p- you're so funny. that's how i feel- my bad skin is ridiculous at my age! my brother has rosacea too. that's good to hear about your friend. i am so hoping that happens to me too.
  14. did I mention congrats on quitting? the first month was awful for me. I had headaches, cravings and plenty of smoker friends to go around. But now it's been 2 months and I feel just fine! Just don't think about it, and keep yourself very busy.

    I smoked for 8 years :wtf: since age 15 to now... when I think about it, that's a loooong time!

    And yes, buying shoes and purses as motivation is def. the way to go! :roflmfao: Speaking from personal experience, of course!
  15. congrats!! i'm trying to quit smoking a cig whenever i drink. social smoking i guess. a drink or two feels so much better when you chase it with a cigarette. but this is REALLY stupid, because i know i got ill this season because i weakened my immune system with this.