Question about size

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Im looking to get a Gucci Horsebit hobo...I was just going to get the large but now Im kind off worried it might be too big. I dont have a Gucci store near me, just Neiman Marcus and they never have the large or the medium. So I wanted some opinions. Im 5'3 about 125 lbs. Should I go with the large or the medium? Just wanted some advice. Thanks!
  2. hi missruby,

    I've got the medium horsebit. i've got a modelling pic of it in the gucci reference guide. Maybe this can help you? I'm 1m70 or 5'5 (I hope the calculator is right:P)

  3. I'm around the same size. I have the big one and think it looks adorable. My friend is also the same size and has the medium. Mine can be somewhat of a black hole but it is worth it b/c it is so pretty. The hardware on the large def. shows up more on the bigger bag imo.
  4. I don't have the bag but I have tried on a medium one and like the size better. I'm 5'5" and a size 6. It also depends on how much stuff you carry everyday.

    leslie_x: I believe you're 5'7", your bag is TDF!
  5. Thanks so much ladies...I think Im still kind of leaning towrds the bigger one...I need an everyday bag to carry all my junk in lol;)
  6. If you're into big bags, then get the bigger one. But I have the medium one and it carries more than enough for me without looking too overwhelming. I carry all my crap w/ me plus room for the kitchen sink.
  7. I LOVE big bags and I have the med. IMHO, I think the med is just right for evey day :tup:
  8. absolutely in love with your white guccissima leslie.

    i'm 5'3" 100lbs and have the medium and LOVE it. perfect size and i dig big bags.


    let us know which you get!!
  9. i think you should get the small. my friend is around 5'5" and she has the large..looks absolutely amazing even though she has a small frame, because she looks like a fashionista/superstar with it on ;)
  10. Shorty you look TOO CUTE with that bag! That makes the medium look much more appealing...Hmm..decisions decisions..Ill make sure I let you ladies know what I pick. Its for my birthday so ill be waiting about another month..but thats all the time to decide what size! Thanks for everyones opinions!