Question about size of patent reissue~

  1. Can someone tell me the measurement of the size 227 and 228(jumbo) petant reissue??Are they different from the size of the normal reissue?:confused1:
  2. Reissue sizes are from 224 to 228; patent or not the sizes are the same.
    Jumbo is the big size for Timeless Classic Flap.

    There have been a lot of threads on the sizes, for actual measurements, please look into the Reference Library for flaps, you should be able to find the info there.
  3. Here is some helpful info::yes:
  4. Thanks for taking the time to post the sizes, chanelspell!

    May I add, little_kimkim, that I paid $2375 for my Navy Patent Reissue and $2495 for the Black Patent Reissue.
  5. No problem Jeannebar at all!I've just done what other fellow Fers did before!:yes:
    I love both your patents:heart: !Lucky you!I wish they release patent reissue again!:drool: