question about size of miumiu coffer bag

  1. HI all, was wondering if you could help me out

    I would like to purchase the miumiu coffer bag. but im just wondering if there are 2 sizes for the bag?? the picture of the bag on the advertisement looks like it's very a huge bag but i have seen some wearing the bag on the shoulder and it looks medium size, not too small, not too big, just the perfect size for a shoulder bag.

    would appreciate your help since there is no store here that carries miumiu coffer bag. thanks
  2. i loved the size. i did not think it was big at all.
  3. so how many sizes are there to be exact?? just one or two??cuz im still confuse..
  4. i think there were only two sizes the small and the regular size. i believe the measurements should be listed on the NM website if they have it available. which color are you thinking of?
  5. one of the websites state 12"H X 17"L X 4"W.. is that the size for the regular or the small one??

    about the color.. i haven;t really made up my mind yet. kinda like the black or brown one. though the one in suede brown really appeals to me too as it has a certain vintage look..

    is the regular bag really that big though?? i prefer the smaller one.. but im not sure how small the bag is going to be..
  6. that is the size of the regular one. the small one is very small. hmmm colors....i personally love the brown suede. very very nice. the brown leather is nice too but to me personally and its just my opinion, i think this bag looks best in the brown suede. very soft and slouchy.
  7. yeah. that's what i thought too when i saw the picture of the bag in suede brown.. but one of my friends saw the picture and said "why does that bag look so dirty?".. and i thought she has a point im still considering :smile:

    can u use the regular size bag for daily wear?? u know going to dinner with friends and stuff?? or would it look like u r carrying a trunk??
  8. ^ :roflmfao: I hear you on "...carrying a trunk!!!..." I'm interested in this info too...Just love this bag...Do you know where I can see pics of the smaller one? :heart: Emmy
  9. im sori i don't really have any pic of the smaller bags. have just seen it on some women when i was at the mall. there was a thread about a tpf member posing with the smaller bag, but i couldn't recall which thread it was :sad: been looking for it as well