Question about Silverado

  1. I guess I am so late for Silverado, but I am thinking to buy one in black or brown, and it is hard to find good one at good price :crybaby:

    I have not seen this bag IRL, so I am wondering whether it is heavy like Edith?
    And does it come in two size? The one that I am looking at is 17W, so I am worrying that this bag would be a little bit big and heavy for me.

    TIA everyone!! :yes::heart:
  2. i have this silverado in moka (yummy chocolate) and in my opinion, this silverado (am not sure about other silverado styles) is one of the lightest chloes i have ever carried. hope this helps!
  3. That's true! The Silverado is the easiest to carry of all the Chloes I have. It fits an enormous amount of stuff too. I'd bet that you will find one at a decent price - except if you want a python. Those are a little more rare - but worth it!
  4. The Silverado is a very nice bag, I have the 4 pocket version from last year, and it does hold a lot. Very easy to carry. My hubby calls this one 'western chic'.
  5. Hi, I have the medium sized black and my mom has the larger sized one..they are both extremely sturdy and the leather becomes better with use! It is not heavy at all! (especially compared to the paddington). Go for it if you can find one that you like - they are no longer made!
  6. Thank you all for your advice and warm comments! I love you all-. :heart:

    By the way, can I ask how much would be a reasonable price to pay for a used Silverado?

    I am looking at a black Silverado from bag borrows steal outlet which is around $700, and the other one in red color at around $600 on eBay(I guess it will go up once the end time is up though), and are they in good range of the price?

    And does anyone who bought a bag from bag borrows and steal web site? hum... I guess many random people used it until now, so it worries me to buy that black silverado.

    This would be my first Chloe bag(I had Edith for few days but ended up to return it..), so I am so excited to find a right Silverado for me! :smile:
  7. I searched around last year and found mine at Nordstroms (end of the big sale) for around $635, (which I feel is pretty rock bottom since it originally was $1935) - I'm not familiar with Bag, Borrow and Steal or the condition of their bags. I've seen some great Silverado's on e-bay, but make sure you have it authenticated. Also, you might try calling Nordstrom Rack, NMLC or Saks Off 5th, you might happen upon one there.
  8. ITA! Got mine from bloomy's. Black large size for about $650. Agree with others, absolutely gorgeous bag. Leather is soft and light and has a lot of pockets. If you get one from NR, it will probably cost at least $599 plus shipping and tax (depending on where you are). So I would say that anything under $650 (brand new) would be a good buy! Yes, some great deals on ebay lately, but make sure you authenticate it!!