Question about Silk Chiffon

  1. For you fabric experts: I just purchased a Pucci scarf in silk chiffon and have spent the last half hour or so practicing ways to tie it on my handbag. In doing so, I have noticed lines forming in the fabric where it has been tied around the handles; I can't tell if they are runs in the silk or not - they don't look like wrinkles and they weren't there when I bought the scarf.

    Is silk chiffon delicate? I mean, I was pulling on the knot, adjusting it, untying, retying, etc. Should I expect this to not hold up over time and return it?
  2. I sew quite a lot and chiffon can be very delicate, and it can also develop runs. But most silk is fragile that way, unfortunately.
  3. it sounds to me like they're runs/pulls in the silk chiffon........imo silk chiffon tends to be more prone to pulls than just regular silk......i'd return it and maybe try again with another one?......with an silk LV scarf i bought, it took 9 scarves for me to find one that didn't already have a run in it :P