Question about Sig Stripe Totes with Metallic...

  1. I received a gorgeous large sig stripe tote in brown/bronze with the matching beauty case and mini skinny for Christmas. It is really stunning!

    I'm wondering how well these bags hold up..I love that it is so lightweight, but want to make sure that it won't look beaten and worn after a short period of time.

    I really only carry leather bags and I want to keep it but want to make sure it's a durable style.

    How about you ladies who have these bags? How are they holding up to daily life?:shrugs:
  2. I have the large black/gunmetal and I use it for school. It is still in perfect condition...actually even better with age because it becomes very flexible. The only thing I would watch out for is the bottom corners because I have noticed that they are beginning to fray. I don't know if this is from the heavy books I carry or putting it on the floor. These signature stripe bags are great. You will not be disappointed!
  3. i have a brown/ bronze wristlet
    and the metallic began to rub off after only a month or two
    beware of that
  4. I bought a used gold/khaki tote off eBay earlier this year. I bought it knowing it was was still in VERY good condition. The bag has "softened" over all..but the stripe is still as stunning as ever. If anything, the only thing to "rub off" is the "gold leather" on the handles/trim...which is a something I've noticed on ALL coach bags with gold/silver toned leather.

    my black/gunmetal one still looks brand spanking new...and I've had it for 5 months.
  5. I love those sig stripe totes! Congrats!!!!
  6. i was just going to ask this -- my swingpacks leather trim on the front pocket is cracking.. should I take it to the store? i've only had it since the day after x-mas...
  7. I have the Sig Stripe Tote in brown/bronze (i'm using it now!) and it still looks amazing. I bought it in September.

    My boyfriend's mom has a Sig Stripe Tote (just the khaki/mahogany) that she's had for probably about 2's the only purse she's used since she got it and it's broken in (it slouches when she sets it down) but it looks even better!
  8. I would keep all of the set. I just love the bronze stripe tote. I would love to get one but need to wait until the price goes down, pce, etc. I have not seen a lot of it on people which is another plus. I get tired of seeing too many of one Coach bag! I'm not a fan of siggie, but this one in bronze and black is subtle and classy.
  9. I agree. I like how the siggie looks on other people but don't care for it on me. The dark brown, however, is very subtle, and the bronze is really gorgeous. I'm thinking this will be a great tote for some work items/ etc. so I won't use it all the time so that should help extend its life, too.

    I also noticed that the beauty case and mini skinny in these colors are gone from the website. The beauty case has the legcy lining...I only wish they would have put the lining in the tote, would be perfect!

    Do you think it's okay as a year round bag? Does that sort of thing even matter any more?
  10. I love the brown and bronze.. The only downfall is that i love bags with leather bottoms maybe they will make one next year with it. Not sure how it will hold up with the thin-ish straps. It might not be able to hold heavy things.
  11. I think the brown/bronze would be a great all year round bag. The brown is dark enough for the fall/winter and the bronze stripe in the sun is really glittery which would be great for the spring/summer. Def a great all year round bag choice!

  12. YES!!! Take it back with your receipt. They should exchange it for you.