question about shipping time.. overnight?

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  1. I ordered my Bridgit on Saturday and paid for overnight shipping. The SA couldn't tell me when to expect my bag. If I ordered it Saturday night what day should I get it? I haven't got an email and I don't see an order number I can use to look up tracking info.

  2. What color did you get ? I am wanting the teal one? I bet you probaly wont get
    her till tommorow because when I order stuff on friday or sat. it goes out monday. But maybe someone here know better please post pics when you get her!
  3. I got the platinum :love:

    I was thinking Tuesday as well but I don't know.. I have ordered before on a Saturday with regular shipping and gotten my things on Wednesday so I am hoping I get it today.. We'll see I guess. It doesn't really seem the overnight is worth it if I get the things just one day earlier than the regular shipping.
  4. They charged you for this??? Wow, I've never been charged for shipping, either regular or overnight!!

    My stuff from last week was overnighted, but it was on a week day. The FEDEX site didn't update at all till the next morning (same as delivery day), and Coach only sends you an email if they register your email at the time of the purchase. The email from Coach usually comes overnight as well. I don't think FEDEX moves much over the weekend unless you do a special overnight...which is probably big bucks. I believe my "overnight" orders on Friday have always come on Monday...but I don't recall ever placing a Sat. order, so not sure about that!!

  5. yes, they charged me $30

    I only did it because I NEED the bag to be delivered by Wed. FOR SURE because we will be out of town thurs-sun for a wedding and I want to take the bridgit.

  6. OMG!! That's terrible!! I've only ever asked for special delivery (or for the bag to be sent directly to the store) when I was either going to be out of town, or had a situation where I wanted to be able to return something if I didn't care for it that same weekend. The store was always nice enough to do it 2-day, or overnight, without my being charged. I never knew they charged for this other than if you place the order on the phone or online. Wow, I'm so sorry you had to pay $30!!

    I would advise you to call the store and ask them to look up the info. I did that for one bag a few weeks ago because when the cashier entered the info, they didn't put my email info with the order. I think the stores probably get the info before you do, but once you have the tracking number, then you can call Fedex...or they can also do that for you. If you do it now (before 1pm, in theory if something got lost, then they can overnight another one and it will go out today). Past 1pm, and I think it technically goes out the next day usually (or that's what I was told for the NJ/PA area). Good luck, I hope you get it!! It's really a great bag...I love mine!! Just make sure yours has the snap head, because mine did not and that was a PAIN to get one!!
  7. Tuesday
  8. ^I agree, you should probably get it on Tuesday. I am sure you can call the boutique today to get a tracking number.
  9. Call CS and get the tracking number. It SHOULD have been treated like a Monday morning (prior to the 1pm deadline) purchase and the order SHOULD ship today with delivery tomorrow.

    Did you see if the Galleria had one?
  10. Yes, sometimes if it is a SA I know they do 2-day without even asking free. Otherwise, there have been a few times a new SA gave me the express saver without me realizing it. I have unfortunately paid the $30 before. With my Lily from Northpark they overnighted it for free.
  11. Thank you!

    I didn't even think to check the Galleria for one in Stock! :Push:
  12. I would, just in case you have to run out there tomorrow.