Question about shipping things through USPS

  1. I recently listed an extra PSP I have on craigslist, and got a response from a woman who wants me to ship it to her through her USPS account. Since I have never sold anything online, I wasn't sure how it works ... and when I emailed her to ask her response was really confusing.

    Does anyone know how shipping through a USPS account works? She asked for my contact info, stating that she would send payment, but that she would receive the item before I would actually receive the payment? At first, I thought she would want to ship it through USPS because you can track items that are shipped through them...(I looked it up on their website). If anyone can clear up how the system works, I'd be really appreciative!
  2. First of all..DO NOT SEND anything without the payment in your hand..!!!...You can use someone elses account # to pick it up..but DO NOT send till payment has been received IN FULL
  3. ^^^^^^oh yea, do not send anything w/out getting the payment first. That lady is trippin. Plus it's on craigslist.. if you're selling a PSP, my advice is to go on ebay.. It's safer and easier than the situation you're in right now. And if she sends you a payment... ask her for a USPS money order. People are shady nowadays and you gotta be careful.
  4. Get the money first and send it your way. We had a problem a few times with people using our FEDEX account # to ship packages around the world. I mean the sender address didn't even match our account # and FedEX still sends them out (more than once). We had to change our account 3 times already. I would think Ebay sounds better but to me this lady does not sound legit.
  5. Craigslist is notorious for scammers (even worse than ebay because there are no "rules" on craigslist).
    Politely tell her that you will not send the item until you receive the money and it clears your bank account (or until you cash the MO or check).
  6. I agree with everyone

  7. Wow, I didn't know of this scam on Craigslist. Great to know =)
  8. Is she asking you to use her USPS account number so she gets billed for the shipping?

    I've never heard of this with USPS, but with UPS and FedEx, you can send something and charge the shipping to the recipient or a third party if they have an account with the carrier and you have their account #. My initial thought was that she wants her shipping cost charged to her USPS account, but maybe she is asking for something different....