Question about shipping - am I too impatient?

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  1. Okay, I won an item on Jan 23 and paid immediately. No communication from seller. On Jan 30 I sent the seller an email asking for status. She has not responded. I just spent about an hour searching through the eBay Help pages for any policy about shipping within X days. It looks like the only specific rule is the 7 days requirement for the Paypal seller protection program, is that correct?

    I sent her another (polite) email just now... Am I being the psycho buyer from hell that every seller hates?
  2. ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am a seller on eBay and I ship my items within 24 hours of the payment being received. Not only that but I don't wait for the buyer to as "has the bag been shipped yet..?" I email them immediately that it was shipped, how it was shipped and the tracking #. There has only been a couple occasions that I couldn't ship within 24 hours and I had to ship the day after and I always feel bad and apologize!

    If I were you I would be fuming right now because as a buyer I expect the same service that I give. If I hadn't heard from my seller in a week I would go crazy-

    How is the feedback?? Are they new? I would stay on top of this. It's one thing if you have a family emergency or something like that but it's been wayyy too long. This seller should respond asap.

  3. Hi LP,

    I agree with everything ^^she said. Something is not right. You can get her contact information, her phone number, through ebay. Do you know how to do that? I would call her tonight. If you don't know how to find her phone number, I can find the link and post it here for you. Let me know.
  4. Thanks, littlerock and lovely - I can get the contact info, I just wasn't sure if it was too soon to be flipping out. Her feedback was fine when I bought the item but since then she has got a negative for misrepresenting an item to another buyer, so it's not so great.
  5. Time to send an e-mail saying that unless you receive tracking information then you will be forced to file a claim with Paypal, she's taking waaaay too long
  6. I would email her 1 more time and see if you get a response if not open a dispute with paypal.