Question about shipping a bag for repair

Oct 28, 2011
United States
The straps on my Neverfull need repair. I noticed they have a few spots where the leather seems to have come off in very very small circles and I have no idea how this happened. Anyway, I live 3.5 hours from the nearest boutique and due to COVID have no plans to travel to that area. I have heard that repairs sent to LV are taking about 3 months now, but my question is how do you ship the bag to them once you speak to them over the phone about the repair? I get anxious thinking about shipping a Neverfull through the mail in this hot weather, whether that’s logical or not. In February when I noticed the damage, I was going to wait until I traveled to the boutique and just bring the bag there but now with COVID I have no idea when that will be.

Many thanks if you can tell me your experience about sending bags through the mail for repair.


Jun 4, 2019
I have the same dilemma; I was considering shipping off my speedy for new vachetta. But given everything I will probably wait. Curious to see if others have done it though!
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Oct 12, 2007
I’ve sent my Toiletry 19 and Pochette Accessories for repair. Both are taking about 2 months. I was sent a pre-paid label via contacting customer service/repairs on their website.