Question about shelf bras

  1. I just recently bought lululemon yoga wear, wherein the tank tops come with shelf bras. I noticed that my nipples are visible through the fabric and it is quite embarassing. Any suggestions on how to prevent this? HELP!!!!
  2. Hmm don't think it's possible to prevent...I usually wear an unlined bra (Victoria's Secret makes some really awesome push up without padding bras) underneath, so that it doesn't really look like I'm wearing a bra, but still comes with the extra support.
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. well, i don't have this problem because there is no way i can ever go without a bra in public, lol.
    but would those petal thingys work? the ones you just put over the nipple?
  5. You could just wear a bra under it that doesn't really show or like Kallison said (the petal thingies)?
  6. in my opinion, i think that shelf bras do nothing. they're just an extra layer of fabric that dont give you support and, in my case, i just wear a bra underneath so i have two layers on, i just find it uncomfortable.