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  1. I went to a Tacori trunk show yesterday and fell head over heels for a setting. My boyfriend has given the green light and is going to purchase it today. My ONLY concern is that Tacori uses G stones in their settings and my center stone is an I. The setting has a bloom under the center stone and french set diamonds on the band. Do you think this will make my center stone appear darker? Am I being paranoid? It is an AGS Ideal diamond.

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  2. An I next to G melee isn't going to be a serious issue. In some lighting you might see a SLIGHT color difference but with a well cut I it won't be noticeable 95% of the time. There will be "misfire" though with the sparkle in some lighting conditions, which sometimes happens with halos and pave settings, (short answer) because the surface area of melee is smaller and the light return is different than off a larger stone. That could make your stone seem "darker" and the sparkle "different" in say sunlight or halogen lighting next to the melee, and that's not related to the I color, that's simply because the surface area of your larger diamond is firing off so much more light that your human eye cannot process it the same way it can process the light return off the melee.
  3. Thanks ame. I think I understand what you are saying. You can hardly see the bloom that sits under the diamond. It is much more noticeable in the picture. That is why I like it. I was more worried about the diamonds on the band but I doubt it will be an issue. My boyfriend ordered the setting. Here's hoping the IS images from JA look good!

    Thanks again for all of your help! I can't wait to share the finished product :smile:
  4. It won't be an issue. The melee will be "brighter" than the center no matter what for the reasons AME listed but that's normal. It looks like a gorgeous setting, congratulations!
  5. That setting is gorgeous! I prefer a slight contrast or color difference between a halo and its center.
  6. Beautiful setting!! I love Tacori!

    I doubt it would show up as much of a difference given the difference in size of the stones between many small cut stones in the setting vs your center stone.
  7. It will not be a problem! Leon Mege used white stones in my pave as well and my center is an I, you cannot tell :smile:
  8. I cannot wait to see em. I hope this stone is a winner.