Question About Serial #s in Fendi

  1. Hi--Does anyone know if ALL Fendi bags have a serial number inside? Everyone that I have owned has had one, but I've been told that it's not true for all models--just for Spys, Baguettes and maybe some others. Does anyone have a Fendi that DOESN'T have a number inside? Thanks!
  2. Sometimes they are printed on the bag lining material. I have an older bag with red satin interior and the serial # is printed on the satin inside the pocket compartment.
  3. My Fendi buffalo leather diablo (devil) bag does not have a serial number, which I found strange, but I bought it from a Fendi guess some don't. But I would say that all new styles should have a serial number whether imprinted in satin or on a leather tab.
  4. Hmm--that's odd. I have a Fendi devil bag that does have a serial number--it's the one with the inset mirror pieces and the embroidery. I guess there was inconsistencies with that model. Does anyone else have any other styles that don't have the serial numbers? I used to have an Ostrik which I don't have anymore. Now that I think of it--I'm not sure if that one had a serial number or not because I'm not sure where fendi would have put it.
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