Question about selling my HH Mercer Satchel

  1. Pined over this bag online, and then managed to get a brand new one on eBay from a fellow TPFer.

    Unfortunately I should have listened to everyone who told me it was going to be too small for my taste. It looked larger to me, but then when it got here the three compartments seemed to hurt the size, not help it. Not one is large enough to hold anything more than my large checkbook wallet. Ugh. Now what?

    The seller didn't offer returns so now its just sitting here.

    I only paid $186 shipped for it, which is pretty good, but I'm wondering how it would do on eBay since there was just a sale. I offered it to the second highest bidder but haven't heard back yet.

    I haven't been here long enough to sell in the marketplace.

    Should I go ahead and list it on eBay, and if so then what should I start it at?

    If not, what should I do with it? I made a monthly purse budget and if I could get rid of this bag then I could get my AC Mini City that I want!
  2. Sell if you aren't going to use it. Don't have it lying around going to waste in your closet. Sell it to somebody who will love it and get your money back to put towards the AC mini city :smile:
  3. ^ I agree. You may make some money on it, or you might lose some (not sure what the retail price is and where else it's currently available, if at all), but either way it's better than sitting there unused.
  4. ^ooooh that is a gorgeous color!

    I think you would probably get a decent price on ebay b/c currant in Mercer isn't on sale on
  5. I think you should definitely sell it & let others enjoy it. =) I have the same purse in blush that I haven't been using because of the same reason. I love big bags!

    But I don't know if you should post the listing now, though... because of the world-wide strike and everything. There are fewer listings and also fewer users right now. Even if you don't support the strike, it might not sell for as high so I think you might want to wait a bit.
  6. I have this bag and I adore it! The color is simply stunning! I agree that it is pretty limited on how much it can hold but sometimes I just want want a smaller bag and this is the perfect smaller bag in my opinion. If you really don't think it will work for you don't let it go to waste in your closet since I think you will have no problem reselling it.
  7. I have the same bag but in poppy and I use it as a going out bag b/c of its size as well. I love it for days when I only need a bit of stuff and it adds a nice pop of color as well. Great for dinners and movies. I agree that it is too small for everyday use. I bought mine on Ebay for 130.00 BNWT.
  8. It's a super color. Can you just hold onto it for occasions where you don't need to carry too much?
    I definitely have some bags that are smaller for certian uses, and then some big mamas for other times!
  9. ^^^I actually have some little "going out bags" like a wristlet and an evening clutch, etc. I really think if I kept it I would be kicking myself for not selling it and getting something I would rather have.

    Since its not on sale in this color on the website maybe I could get my $$ back on ebay after the strike it over.

    Does anyone know if I could take it to the HH flagship in Brooklyn? I know that some brands let you return an item bought retail to a flagship store instead, BFs mom did it with a bag she bought in Macys once.
  10. You should give them a call - if it is new with all the tags, original box, etc. then maybe they would let you exchange it for something else? It's worth a shot. That being said I bet you would have no trouble selling it on ebay, it is a gorgeous colour.
  11. This bag must be deceiving(15"L x 7-3/4"H x 6"D). as it sure looks like it would hold a fair bit.
    BagHayd0004c.jpg DSC08386.jpg DSC08380.jpg
  12. I would sell it!
  13. What she has in that middle pocket, a trifold wallet, tictacs, and carmex, is pretty much all that will fit in the middle pocket. When I squeeze my large wallet into the middle along with my keys, chapstick, lotion, etc, it fills it so full nothing will fit in the side pockets. Its deceiving because its a good size, but when you separate the inside into three relatively small pockets it makes most of the bag useless. Had I listened to other people with the similar problems I wouldn't be in this predicament!