Question about "security tags" when selling LV

  1. Has anyone ever used a security tag when you sold your LVs? I purchased an LV on eBay once and there was a "security tag" attached to it, the material felt like tyvek and once it was ripped, it couldn't be attached.

    I'm selling two of my speedies on eBay so I can get them in a bigger size and I was wondering where I can get those tags? What are they exactly called, does anyone know? I don't want to experience a "bait and switch" with any buyer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Just use the zip lock things you get at the hardware store to holding cords/wires together. Once you feed it though you can pull it apart. I do this with my eBay name wrote on a paper and taped around it.

    Otherwise you can find such things on plastic security seals.

    Someone else used a small combination lock from the dollar store, with a note to contact the seller for the code once they are happy with their purchase.
  3. Thank you so much Bag Fetish!!!
  4. tyvek band - do a search on ebay. I got mine on uline but I bought a large quantity.
  5. I use a personalized business card taped to a zip lock thingie like Bag fetish wrote. Does the trick!

    The other thing I do is make sure to add that you use security tags in your auction.. hopefully that would discourage the bait and switchers from even bidding.
  6. I always let bidders know their item will come with a security tag to prevent bait and switch.
  7. I use them all the time. I write the ebay item #, my ebay name,date... secure it on the handles or where they have to take it off if satisfied.
    i also write down for my own reference the tag #, so you will have a record of which tag you use for what bag.I like the bright colored one,.hope this helps:tup:
  8. I've heard about this and i'm just wondering if paypal actually uses this method to prevent buyers from switching the bags?? I'm thinking about selling my damier speedy and i need a sure-fire way to prevent any scams from happening.
  9. this is very clever!!!
  10. Great info!!!!
  11. great info and will be using it...:tup:
  12. I was thinking of putting one of those wristbands from the themeparks. Along with a unique sticker and probably a stamp from work.
  13. make sure that the tag is big enough to deter the buyer from using the bag too
  14. That is why I use the neon colors. LOL:smile: