Question about scratches on (faulty?) canvas (speedy)

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  1. I bought my first LV bag a month ago, one speedy b 25 in mono. Since I rotate my bags a lot I have only used it 6-10 times (maximum). And everytime I use it I seem to find new scratches on the canvas (I think I have 5-6 scratches now). At two places the scratches has gone through the rubbery surface of the canvas.

    I am careful about my bag. Always puts it on something soft when putting it down but I do carry it crossbody 95% of the time. When I have it crossbody I always try to avoid zippers and other metal details from my jackets. And I always avoid walls etc.

    Is this normal wear and tear for a month or could it be something wrong with the canvas? Anyone heard about faulty canvas that get scratched easiler? Really want to ask here first before I go to the store since I am new to LV.

    Not even my oldest leather bags has this many scratches, for example my lamb nappa Mulberry Alexa has only two scratches and I used that bag straight for a month.

    I am very realistic when it comes to handbags and I do think wear and tear will show up and I think handbags are made to be used. But I was thinking of buying more canvas but if the canvas is more sensitive than lamb nappa then I really don't know....

    And if this is normal, then I would love some tips about how to "seal" them two that have gone through the rubbery surface...
  2. Can we see a photo of the scratches?

    I personally find this very very odd. I have a good number of monogram LVs and none have visible scratches on the monogram canvas.

    Even my 18-year old pochette which I use every single day for my makeup, and is put inside any bag I carry for the day.. even that has no scratches (I just checked it now). Its vachetta strap handle is wrecked (super dark, stained and glazing totally gone); but the monogram canvas is spotless; like it was bought today.

    I'm inclined to think there is some sort of defect with yours. :sad: Let's hear what others have to say.

  3. Right now (at work) I can locate four "major"scratches.

    Bottom (three parallell, this might be from putting the bag in a metal "basket" in my wardrobe, but really, there is no sharp thing there...). At least two of these are all through the rubbery surface of canvas.

    "Front" side, two areas with scratches.

    "Backside", color is worn off from the yellow-ish area around the flower. And when I look close it is all through the rubbery surface of the canvas.

    Since I am new to LV I really don't know what to expect. It was flawless when I bought it so I know that all scratches are from my usage.
  4. That's weird. I think you should take it in to have it looked at.
  5. That is definitely not normal! So sorry this is happening to you :sad:

    The bag is only a month young! And it's chipping!? (yellow part of print coming off). That is unacceptable. I would definitely bring it back to the store and show it to your SA for replacement.

    The scratches are sooo very strange to me. They look deep. Do you have a cat by any chance? (lol, sorry gotta ask).. Have you left your bag unattended anywhere? I honestly have not seen that many deep scratches on mono canvas.

    I do hope that the LV regulars will chime in as well.
  6. I would take that back to be looked at. I haven't had that much exoerience of LV, but wore my Favorite a few weeks back for only the 2nd time, went out for the day. Got back and my super excited dog launched herself at me scrabbling right at my bag in her excitement to see us. (Just to add she wasn't alone all day, but with family!!). I was mortified but checked my bag over and not a scratch or mark in site phewwww. Based on that though I'd think you'd notice doing something that would cause that kind of damage, so prob a defect :sad:
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  7. My first speedy was used everyday as a work bag for about 3 years straight and doesn't have any scratches like that :/
  8. I would take it in to LV ASAP. I have had my speedy 25 which I have used a lot for many years and nit a scratch on it.
  9. I do have two cats but NEVER EVER leave my bags where they can get to them. They are like magnets to bags so I always put my designer bags in my wardrobe in our closed bedroom, so it can't be a cat. I am very sure about that. Plus they don't scratch things - they chew on things haha, like dogs (they would love the tassels on my Balenciagas haha). So the marks from my cats would look different (I do have inexpensive bags with marks from them haha).

    And yes, I do think the scratches look strange. One of my jackets have metal zipper (a Barbour international jacket) and when I use it I am always careful about that. So of course it could be that jacket (have used it once with the bag...) but honestly, none of my other bags have anything similar and I have used them more and with this jacket....but this is my first canvas piece and I thought it was more durable? but I do treat it like it is less durable........

    And I have bags in a wide range, both lamb and calf. And I have bags from many designers and still not this.
  10. Encourage you to bring it back store
  11. It really looks like your cats got to it. Those sort of scratches don't happen to canvas from normal wear. Canvas is pretty tough!
  12. Thank you, sure needs it since I think it very frightening to do such a thing, but it is so weird that this bag is getting so scratched. And I do baby it, but accidents could of course happen anyways. But I can't recall any certain moment when this would have happened, except for the scratches on the bottom which could (really don't think so) come from one time when I quickly pushed the bag into the wardrobe and it could have gotten into contact with that metal thing in my wardrobe, but it is not sharp and my Balenciaga in lamb has no scratches from that.....
  13. This bag has never been with the cats. I have been VERY careful to put it into my wardrobe directly (before I take my shoes off actually haha) when I get home. I am not that rich so I can risk my cats getting to one my of my designer bags.

    Edit: If my cats got to the bag they would chew on the vachetta haha, that's their way. Don't know how many cords for charges that are chewed by my cats, and shoes and anything that sticks out. They really don't scratch things. But most importantly, this bag has never been with the cats. I have had 100% control over it, or well, in a closed wardrobe in a closed room. They can't open neither bedroom nor wardrobe.
  14. I'm a cat person myself and I trust you. You would know your cats' behavior better than any of us. (My cat would just go inside the bag and sleep. She would not scratch any of it. Lol.)

    Either way, cat or no cat, LV monogram canvas is supposedly pretty much bulletproof (supposedly!). Someone once said on this forum that LV monogram canvas will outlive us all. LOL.

    So yes, please take that back to the store. It's not supposed to be like that.

  15. Yes, all cats are different and one of my cats love sleeping IN bags and the other one ON bags and they both chew and not scratch haha. Which is so odd. More like dogs than most dogs ;) since I know my cats very well I am super cautious with my bags. Have forgotten a pre owned Balenciaga once and luckily only found a cat sleeping in it. No marks whatsoever. But won't push my luck a second time!