Question about Scarf Print?

  1. I'm new to the Coach scene, but I've absolutely fallen in love with the Scarf print they have available on select handbags and accessories:


    :drool:Anyone know if this print has been available in the past on other accessories such as a ponytail scarf? I've seen the hat and the umbrella but would purchase a scarf in a heartbeat.

    Thanks in advance!:heart:

  2. Actually it does appear on a scarf. It's not a ponytail scarf but is lovely! :yes:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Coach and welcome to the Purse Forum! :woohoo:
  3. Welcome to TPF! I love that print too!!!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome :blush:

    I've actually found the scarf, however every link I find directs me back to and it is no longer available online. Oh how frustrating...
  5. Welcome. :smile: I love this print too! I never saw it in a ponytail or oblong scarf. If I had I would have been all over it. I didn't know they'd made it in a hat though, I want it!
  6. I am pretty sure I saw that hat at the outlet recently....
  7. Aww don't tell me that. :crybaby: My nearest outlet is 3 hours away. I'll have a chance to go to one in a couple weeks...hopefully they'll have one then. Thanks for the tip. :smile:
  8. Welcome! You may be able to find some fo the scarves in Coach retails stores. If you go to the website they will list the ones local to you under the locator or call the phone number listed under CS. They are very helpful. Good Luck!