Question about Scarf bags?

  1. Are scarf bags such as totes and that gorgeuous new one that came out hard to maintain? Are they easily dirtier than other bags? How do you clean them up? Do they sell faster than regular bags?

    :smile: thank you
  2. I have one and they can be a bit more delicate - my bag has a small scuff (not really a snag, but still a marking). I just spot clean with a tide stick or a bit of woolite.
  3. i actually don't know how best to clean them. i have the blue, brown, and off white scarf print pouch for over a year. but i've only used it once. i'm so scared to get it dirty or snag the beautiful satin-y material. they're a real eye-catcher and get lots of stares, but i'm so paranoid that i don't use it that often. i'd like to read what the other ladies have to say.