Question about SAs

  1. Just a quick question I wanted to ask, but I have a card from an SA, under whose name it says "keyholder," on the card. :confused1: Does that mean that this particular SA holds a slightly more authoritative position than other SAs? Would she be more knowledgeable and have more access to certain items?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's input! :flowers:
  2. It generally means that they have a "supervisory" position and are able to open and close the store .. ie they have a key to the store .. and yes, they have usually been there for a while and are sometimes more knowledgeable.
  3. Ah, that makes sense! Thanks for your reply! I think it's time to start working on making new friends @ the H store! :yes: But more because she was a wonderful and delightful SA to encounter and less to get my grubby hands on another coveted H, since it'll probably be at least a couple of months before I am ready to make another big purchase...:p But now I just keep telling people around me about how wonderful Hermes leathers are and how there will soon be a price increase... is this the first symptom of an H addict? You start to live vicariously through others?? Haha.