question about sandstone

  1. hi i'm new to B bags but have gotten 2 this year both in Giant - black work and truffle work. for me it was the gh that drew me in :yes:

    so i'm now officially addicted!!! i 've seen the f/w colours and almost fainted, its gorgeous. my question, is sandstone a seasonal colour or all year? i want to get something in sandstone but will it still be available all year round or must i get it now?

    i need to start saving for all these mega purchases:sad: ..

  2. It's from the spring/summer collection. So, it won't be around much longer. It's a hot seller and the leather on the sandstone is tdf.
  3. Well, Sandstone is selling quickly! And there's limited access to it...since Neiman Marcus didn't buy any Sandstone (in any style!), everyone who normally shops at NM who is interested in Sandstone ends up buying it at Bal NY, Barneys, and Aloha their inventory sells pretty quickly!

    Good news though, if you miss out on Sandstone this season, Mastic is coming out for Fall, although I can only imagine the demand on that as well.
  4. Yeah, AR still had some in the City (no Twiggy - those were the only 2 styles I asked about) & BalNY has some (I know in the twiggy & city style.. again those are all i asked about, so they may have more :yes:).
  5. Wow! I didn't know NM's didn't get it. Hmmm.......what to do? I've been thinking about a PT in this color. I should probably do something soon.
  6. I think a member just posted that BalNY is sold out of the twiggy in sandstone.
  7. ^aww.. they had some on saturday, that was quick!
  8. wow so i really have to bit the bullet. now i have to decide sandstone or mastic.... it seems being a bbag addict is hard work.!!
  10. Also I asked Barney's which Sandstones they ordered and they only ordered the Part Time and Brief in Sandstone. At least the one's in Boston, I'm not sure if this is nationwide.