Question About Saleya

  1. Im planning to get a saleya mm can anyone post a pic wearing one pls ? to saleya owners, does the handle hurt when carried on the shoulder? ive read somewhere that rolled handles are not comfortable when used as a shoulder bag .. tia
  2. The gm is not very comfortable...I tried it on at the boutique as I chatted with the SA's and did some extra looking aroung for about thiry minutes and I just couldn't get into it at all.
  3. I just have a camera phone so no pics wearing, just of the bag! I have the MM and find it very comfortable, I am not bothered by the rolled straps at all, I do wish the straps were about 1/2 inch longer, I have skinny arms but you can't wear this on your shoulder with anything more than a light jacket on. The GM really has th eideal length of straps, I disagree with platinum card, I found the GM very comfortable as well, the bag is a great shape and fits a lot of things very well. I get tons of compliments on my MM, LOVE Saleya!!
  4. Check out pics of Jo Jo with hers in the Visual Aids sticky!:yes:
  5. I tried the Saleya on at LV and the rolled handles did not stay on my shoulder. :sad: Too bad as it is such a nice bag! :yes:
  6. They'll stay on your shoulder for short periods and if you hug the bag tightly to your body with your upper arm. But truthfully it's not a "shoulder bag", it's a tote. Feels great in the hand or on the arm. I LOVE mine.
  7. I have the MM and I love it! I always wear my bags held tightly against my body (it makes me feel more secure) so the rolled handles are no problem at all - I live in Miami as well, so I'm usually not wearing any jacket that would get in the way - when I travel to colder climates, I'll adjust accordingly. I love the bag, it holds everything (including books) and looks elegant at all times. -
  8. thanks everyone i might be getting one this week, i hope il love it.
  9. I love this bag, I don't have any problems with the handles but I'm use to holding the bag close with my upper arm.