question about saleya and SP

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  1. does anyone(esp. owners) know if the Damier saleya or sac plat loosen up or lose their shape. for instance, i would love if the saleya would get less structured

  2. I'm interested to know that about the Sac Plat! :smile:
  3. the saleya does not lose it's structure, at least not at the base. when i'm in a crowded place, my MM gets bumped a lot even if it's not even half full.
  4. anyone eelse??
  5. I'm really wanting the Saleya in the MM size so I can be of no help since I don't have one. :sad:
  6. Both the Saleya MM and GM will lose their shape eventually, especially if you carry heavy items in it.

    As for the Sac plat, I think it would maintain its shape better, but I have no personal experience with it.