Question about sales!

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  1. Hey everyone-

    I've been craving a pleated Veneta and was thrilled when I was looking through threads on here and saw someone got a black large pleated Veneta on sale for 60% off. I decided to call my nearest BV store and see if they had any left. Sure enough, they did and my SA sent me a photo of the ones she has left along with prices. Unfortunately, none of them are on sale. Are the sales prices just for a limited time only? Are they only at certain stores? It was going to be a done deal if it was on sale, even if it wasn't 60% off! But full price, I just don't think I can swing it while I'm still trying to figure out how to go about how to sell another bag I own but don't use at all.

  2. i think the pleated veneta went on sale in the BV stores in turbolence, torrent and eclipse (seasonal colors) but not in black, I believe. the department stores did put the pleated veneta in black up on sale, which could explain for the discrepancy that you see. i think the department stores have generally been a little more generous with their discounts. HTH!
  3. Yes, that was highly unusual and made for one very lucky TPFer! It most likely was a department store like Barneys or Neiman Marcus. A deal like that would be nearly impossible to repeat.
  4. I did see the pleated Veneta in black on sale. In Europe.