Question about sale prices and SA's

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if you call an SA and have them do a search though several stores' inventory for a bag and let's say they find one in another store and in that particular store it is marked down. Would you the also get the marked down price if you go ahead and order it through the SA that did the search? Sorry if this is a silly question!
  2. When you say "another store", do you mean in the same company? If in the same company, the answer is absolutely yes, you would be able to get the same price. If it's another store (Saks instead of Neimans) then you will need to get a price match but those are sometimes difficult to come by.

    Why do you ask? Did the SA tell you differently?
  3. If you ask a NM SA to search the stores for a bag, the price should be the same across the board at all NM's.
  4. Yes, it would be the sale price if you can find a store that is willing to give up a really good sale bag to another store :smile: