Question about Saks friends and family

  1. Can someone please explain this to me. What is it? If you have an SA, can you ask them to call you on the day of the discount or do they only offer that to their family and close friends? Also, are all bags subject to the discount or certain brands excluded?
  2. My SA usually called me 3-5 days before the event, and he took my order via the phone. I can pick up at any day I want.

    I know almost all the bags can get 20% off excluded LV.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Anyone know when it is?
  5. My SA said it was in early May.
  6. I have seen someone posted May 3~5.
  7. is chanel included?
  8. Yes, Chanel included.
  9. They never include the big designers... Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Louboutin...all not included.
  10. I've read on tPF that some SAs will give you 20% on Chanel (friends and family). But many on this forum claim that they don't. I'm confused! :shrugs: Does anyone have or know of any SA that WILL take phone orders and give 20% on Chanels? (My local Saks don't have Chanel) :confused1:
  11. ^^^
    i'm not sure they'd do that, unless you have a really close relationship with the SA. it doesn't hurt to ask, of course.

    i don't think a SA can pick and choose what they'll give you the discount on. certain labels are excluded and that's just sort of how the cookie crumbles.