Question about saks billing?

  1. Hey,

    I ordered over the phone last Wed. for presale EGC. I haven't been billed yet on my credit card and I'm not sure when my package should arrive. The Saks I ordered from is already closed for today. I'm hoping that my order went through?! Shouldn't it already show up on my account, or is it not billed until it arrives at your house?

  2. I used a Saks card and the transaction showed up already (viewable online).

    Call your credit card company - they could tell you.
  3. I used Saks mastercard and looked it up online - it hasn't showed up. I haven't received the bag yet, though. Have you received your merchandise already? Thanks
  4. Your transaction should show up by now. You should call tomorrow to see if your order went through.

    I placed the ordered on Thursday. The transaction showed up the next day. lol Mine is a different card though.
  5. Thank you!! I'm so excited...I came home from work today and there was a package waiting for me! Last night I was a bit worried that my order didn't go through. But it's here and I couldn't be happier! I still can't believe I spent so much on a bag, but it is beautiful! I think I'm a bit scared to use it!

  6. what did you get??
  7. I got a medium/large black caviar classic flap with gold hardware. Don't know how to post pics??