Question about Saks and NM sales!

  1. When they say "FINAL SALE", do they mean that once you buy something, you can't return it? Or that the price cut is final and it won't go down anymore????

  2. It just means that it is the final markdown, as in the price will not go any lower. You can still return everything!

  3. ^ what she said!
    It gets sent to teh outlet after Final Call.
  4. You can still return everything, they say they send everything to the outlets after final sales, but, I have found that they send only to some outlets and not for a long while.....last year at the nm's sale I hesitated to buy a St. John jacket, I went back one day after sale ended and all was gone, they told me it would go to local outlet, I had all of the sa's looking for that jacket and it never made it there, it did make it to an outlet in texas and.............the price at the outlet was considerable higher than what it had been at the last call sale at the regular is impossible to figure out retail.......
  5. yeah. . .
    it goes to a warehouse East of Dallas, I'm sure it spends a considerable amount of time there before getting sent back out to the outlets.
  6. Ok, thank you! Wow, Swanky Mama, you have 6,000+ posts!!!! You go girl!