question about ROXBURY DRIVE

  1. HI, does anyone have the perle(white) ROXBURY DRIVE? I am thinking to get one, but if it's easy to get dirty, I won't choose this color. and does anyone know how to clean the vernis leather?
  2. twinkle.tink just posted a thread about getting scuff marks off of vernis leather by using magic eraser!
  3. Veronika, says no worries with Vernis Perle color transference.
  4. it should be fine as long as you don't expose it under sun too much, make sure all the clothes are pre washed b4 of my SA's client had a perle roxbury and was ruined after she pair it w/Chanel jacket.

    also pay attention to where u sit it at, always away from printed material, especially paper :smile: