Question about Rouge vif and Vermillion

  1. Hi Bbag girls,

    Could someone with Rouge vif or Vermillion help me out here? I just purchased a red day around Xmas time. It is indeed a impulse buy since I just can't resiste the stunning red. I thought it was Rouge vif. But today I just took a look at the tag and found out it say 2007 1, which confuse me. My grenat says 2006 3 which should come the same season as Rouge vif. I was wondering is mine Vermillion instead? Just want to confirm the color.
  2. If it's 2007, then most likely it's a vermillion since they're pretty close in color. I have a rouge vif but no vermillion so hopefully someone can help you out with this issue.

    Or you can post your lovely Day on here and let us girls figure it out. :graucho:

    Welcome to tPF and the "dark side"! :yahoo:
  3. Thank you for your answer.

    I did take a couple of pictures. But no one can capture the color well. I will try tomorrow morning to see if it gets better.
  4. Yes, the 2007 card definitely indicates that it is vermilion. I have the same exact bag as well.

    Would love to see pics of yours!
  5. Here comes the picture. The actual color is more bright than showed in the pictures. But it is the best I can get.
    Enjoy, girls.
    IMG_1369.JPG IMG_1372.JPG
  6. that's definitely a vermillion! Firstly from the 2007/1, and the rouge vif has much more of a blue undertone me's GORGEOUS though aroma! CONGRATS!!!! :biggrin:
  7. The more I see this color, the more I like it.
  8. i LOVE this color! more than the rouge vif.
    lucky you!
  9. this actually looks the same color as mine.. with is vif... I thought the vermillion was more of a tomatoe red...
  10. I was thinking the same thing. It looks more like VIF to me. I have a vermillion city.
  11. That is what confuse me. In a sunny day, I do can feel a slight orange tone in the red. But in a cloudy day, it became totally blue toned.

    I agree in naff site, the first giant vermillon city is totally biased.
  12. That looks like a VIF to me. Vermillion has a lot more orange to it.

    But, it could be just how your camera is showing it.
  13. That looks closer to rouge vif. When I was at NM last week they had a rouge vif bag - so maybe it's just pulled out (or returned) from fall stock. Either way it's gorgous!
  14. I say vif too.
  15. btw~ which color were you aiming for?