Question about Revolve

  1. Sorry im not sure which forum this question is supposed to be but here goes anyway, i bought a bag from revolve and it was my first purchase so i got 30% off, i want to return it. If i do, do i get the 30% off again if i purchase something else?? or have i used it?

  2. Not sure on this one. I would call customer service and explain the situation to them. They are really nice never know :smile:
  3. I don't know the answer, but Revolve's customer service is exemplary and I am guessing they would accomodate you. You may have to call in when you place your next "first" order, but I bet they will honor it.

    I actually wondered the same thing, as I had considered returning a bag I bought from them, but it grew on me and I decided to keep it instead!