Question about returns


Aisu loves LV!
Mar 20, 2010
Well Tamara has gone back £8.65 special delivery and a short time later Mitzy Blueberry arrived. I've been at work till late and was itching to get home ....excited and a little bit nervous in case she didn't measure up or I didn't like the colour .......tentatively opened the box and a wee bit of the blueberry leather was just poking out the dustbag ....I knew then it was love !! The combination of the silver hardware is striking and the colour really pops - chuffed to bits with her !

Gratz LE, we always love a happy ending! :love::love:
Jan 5, 2009
Thanks Ladies - will do some reveal shots in daylight tomorrow as would like to capture the colour.
I'm chuffed to bits with her ( I know I've already said this ) Blueberry is definitely my colour - just like cerise ( shimmy ) Mitzy is a bit smaller and not quite so bling as shimmy but gives that pop of colour. The patent leather is interesting - very lightweight and hopefully durable....can't believe it's taken me so long to get a mitzy !
I've been playing with the strap too - as per Klp's instructions - 2 bags for the price of one :yahoo:
Oh oh head rush - too excited, need to go and lay down :faint:


Sep 16, 2006
Well done Ltd Ed - a great outcome for you. Glad it all came good in the end, and will look forward to your piccies tomorrow. Lol at you going for a lie down, it's lovely to be excited about your new bag - enjoy it!


No Sofa No Buy
May 20, 2010
So glad you like the Blueberry Mitzy! (I haven't taken mine out yet, but I am meeting up with friends on Friday, mind you they'll probably just confiscate my credit card! :nogood:). Looking forward to the pics!