question about returns

Nov 21, 2006
I purchased a Epi Speedy 30 in Cassis in January. I have never carried it, actually only taken it out of the dust bag acouple of times to look at. I love the bag on other people, just not on me. Its too structured for my taste and I can't get used to the color. I would love to beable to exchange it for another bag, rather than list on ebay and loose money on it. Do you think its worth taking to LV and see what they can do, even though its way over 30 days? Or am I just wasting my time? If I do try it, would it be better to go in without the receipt or with it?? thanks :smile:


Aug 25, 2009
I think the same. If you are a good costumer and have a good relationship whit your SA he migth ley you return it... But since you past the 30 days, they can say no. But give it a try, and if no. Maybe try it for a while and see if it grows on you..


Dec 15, 2009
I guess it's always worth a try, but I think the 30 day return policy is pretty strict. Perhaps they'd let you exchange????
Nov 21, 2006
Just got back from the boutique and they let me exchange the bag. I'm so happy and glad I took a chance and tried. I exchanged it for the new Mini Lin messanger bag in the ebene..sorry, not sure of the exact name right now. I had to run back to work. I went to the LV on Rodeo Drive in Bev Hills...they were so nice there.. it was amazing, I'm used to the snotty SA's at SCP :smile: