Question about returns

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  1. Hi. I'm new here. I was just wondering if you can go to the outlet store and exchange a bag you don't like anymore for a different one. I bought the black leather studded gallery tote about a month and a half ago. I carried it for about a week before I got a new bag. I just don't like that it lost it shape. It's not so square anymore. Kinda unshapely looking on the sides from being carried. :sad: I just wanted to ask before I took it in there to exchange for something else and get laughed at. Thanks!
  2. There is no time limit on returns at the outlets or boutiques. But they must be unused and still have the tags attached.
  3. you should sell it. its been used so you shouldn't return/exchange it to the store.
  4. :yes:ditto
  5. I guess I'll just have to keep it. I don't use ebay anymore since someone got into my husband's paypal account so I don't feel comfortable using it. And I sold my black small sig hobo flap and wallet on Craigs list but didn't get what I was asking for. So I would hate to list it and get lower than what I paid for it ($198). Thanks for the info though!