question about returns

  1. can i return an item i bought at coach outlet to macy's?
  2. No. At most Macy's the Coach department isn't owned by Coach and Macy's is just the authorized distributor/seller of Coach. I've read on this forum that some department stores lease space to particular designers but I don't think Coach does that.

    If you want to return factory store merchandise you need to return it to a Coach factory store for a refund or a retail store (with the receipt) for store credit.

  3. Unfortunately, you can't return a Coach item to Macy's, Nordstrom or Dillard's (Or Marshall's or TJ Maxx or any other store like that) unless you purchased it there. If you bought it at a Coach store, factory or boutique, it has to be returned to a Coach store. If you return an outlet item to a full-price retail store, they will give you store credit, while the outlet will refund your money. :yes:
  4. oh ok razor and mokoni, thanks alot!!!