Question about returns/Ebay

  1. What's to stop someone from buying a NWT purse on eBay for less than retail and then returning it for full price, saying it was a gift?

    There has to be some thing in place to stop that, right? I know you can only return so much before you get "flagged" but I was thinking about that today and curious. I wouldn't do it because I'd feel guilty but I don't know how they could avoid it.

    OASN, why do people sell NWT on eBay instead of returning in the first place? I don't mean legacy type stuff that goes for more than retail, but the other stuff that they lose $ on.
  2. Honestly, I think that as long as you don't do it often, it's hard for coach to tell whether or not it was really a gift or if it was purchased in eBay. I'm still wondering how people make a profit on some of the coach items sold on ebay. I understand items bought at department stores at discounts, discount stores, the coach outlet, and other sources, but i always wondered about current items that are sold below retail. There's always the PCE, but I wonder if the profit margin is even worth it.
  3. To answer why some people would sell on eBay rather then take it back... (Just because I have been contemplating a few of these...)

    They may not live close enough for it to be convenient to drive back to the store...i.e. The store is close, but the outlet is an hour away... if I changed my mind on an outlet purchase (before I knew that you could take it back to the regular stores!) I would have just sold it on eBay...

    If you paid with your credit card and then have paid off the credit card since your purchase... even if they credit it back to you and send you a check some way, there still is going to be a long time delay when your money is in limbo... eBay seems more immediate.

    Okay... I'm by no means standing up for anyone on eBay, because I know there are a ton of people out there that are probably just trying to get around the system some how... but these just popped into my mind, so I thought I would through them out there... :smile:
  4. Recently I put a NWT bag on ebay because I had the tag but couldn't find the receipt so thought I'd rather have cash than store credit. But then I found the receipt and returned it. It was a Macy's purchase.

    I personally think it's wrong to buy a bag off of ebay then return it to the store. I've even read descriptions that say, "comes with gift receipt to return item for store credit if you'd rather do so". I wonder why on earth someone would do that?
  5. ^ :confused1: That does seem kinda wierd for someone to write that...??? Its not like the person would be paying nothing for it... but why would you buy something to just return it? I just don't get some things...
  6. I thought of this last night too. I bought a bag NWT pretty cheap through livejournal. $45 when the retail is $198. obviously, I don't know if it was an outlet purchase or something, but that is a huge difference.
  7. I think it comes down to ethics and morals really, Whoever is choosing to do this is being fraudulent and if they continue to do it- our loss prevention dept or the store management team will pick up on it and will not allow them to make returns without receipts as well.

    I think it's pretty ridiculous though, I hope the people who do this can't sleep at night because that's pretty low.
  8. There's a possibility the seller could be using a stolen credit card to buy the purses. So the only way to get cash off of the purses are to sell them below store price.
  9. i know that most of the products NWT online are older versions. and i hate to say it, it's most likely employees or friends of employees selling it, otherwise if brought at outlet there would be a mark (btw, they will mark everything now, on the item itself physically instead of just relying on tags itself)

    and at this point, each store varies. i know that my store would give the benefit of the doubt if it's in a gift box and everything, but if it's without a giftbox, gift reciept, and an older style sometimes we'd just refuse to return it at all, and if so (let's say an unexperienced SA told them by accident they can) then it's an even exchange or more. no cash back whatsoever or store credit

    there are so many ways to abuse this system, coach's, and other retail stores it's not even funny, which is why certain companies have become stricter with it's store return policy,

    i'd say coach is pretty good, only Nordstrom's and maybe gap inc. beats it.
  10. Yeah, I could never do it because I'd feel too guilty but I was just curious.
    I can see why someone would list something on EBay if they bought something while they were out of town or something and it was inconvienent to return it. I didn't think about that.
  11. I agree with ya, sprinkles!
  12. Ugh! I wish my district would change to this, we've had TONSSS of issues lately :/
  13. ^ Sprinkles!! The past two times I went to the Coach store in Troy ( and they weren't the same week or anything, just two random days about 2 weeks apart)... there were these two ladies trying to return/get store credit for some "damaged boots", or send them in for repairs or something... I couldn't really figure out what was going on, but I didn't want to seem obviously nosy... But the weird thing was, I could be wrong, but I think the SAME group of people were there the second time I was there trying to do the same thing!!!

    It could have been a coincidence, because sometimes I have a hard time recognizing people after I've only seen them once... I go at "odd" times, usually during the middle of the week during the day, since it isn't as busy... so there usually isn't too much going on -I think that is why it stood out. It was just wierd, like deja vu, because it seemed like the same item, with the two ladies wearing these huge coats and standing the same way they were before...

    I could be nuts, but I thought it was kinda wierd!! :confused1: