Question about returns -boutique items to Outlet?

  1. Sorry if this has been posted before, I tried a search but couldn't find an answer.

    I just bought a Small pebbled leather hamptons hobo for my mom, and it is tiny!!!! Wayyy too small! (but cute!) Anyway, I ordered another bag online that should be bigger (Large Soho Hobo).

    So, I want to return the small hamptons but I only have an outlet store nearby. Does anyone know if the outlets will accept full price retail items as a return and full refund? I hate to have to send it back in the mail and worry about it's delivery and wait for the return to process.


    -Angela :p
  2. I think that you will get a full refund as long as you have the reciept. I know if you take outlet purchases to retail, you can only get store credits. Hopefully, sprinkles or ms-whitney will chime in!
  3. I sent something back by priority insured mail with delivery confirmation and didn't have any problem.
  4. You can send it back to Jacksonville and they will credit your credit card. It takes a little longer, but I've done it. It took about 10 days total- including time to ship it back and for the credit to show on my credit card account. Look on your invoice for the return address.
  5. Do you have the receipt? If so I believe it should be fine, but I work in a full price store so i'm not 100% sure.
  6. Yes, I have the recipt. I just figured that I could do it in one day instead of waiting a week or so since an outlet is only about 45 min. away.

    Thanks for your replies everyone :smile:
  7. Okay... I must have gotton hit over the head before going into the outlet today, because I just came out with alot of stuff I don't need...

    I searched for this thread... can anyone confirm that it is possible to return outlet merchandise to a full price store?? I don't care if it's only for credit... I just don't want to have the hour there and hour back again just to return a few items!!
    I seriously make myself wonder sometimes... :noggin:
  8. If I ordered a bag through the store and had it shipped to me, can I return it at an outlet?
  9. I think you can. As long as you have the receipt/packing slip. Check return policy.
  10. You can return the item to the outlet, they just don't encourage it because it will be sold at a discount at the outlet, not returned to a full priced store. I know if you return outlet goods to a boutique you will only get store credit. I would call ahead to the outlet and find out if you will get your money back.
  11. thank you
  12. Ok, I have another question. I ordered the Scribble small tote (2005) from JAX three months ago, (the last one in stock). Paid full price for it. Never used it since I was able to get the large hobo, which is the one I really wanted. The tags are still on it, and I have the paperwork (receipt etc.) Can I still return it? I was thinking of just listing it on eBay for a loss, but would rather return it and get a store credit. Is that possible?
  13. Yes, you can still return it and with the receipt you will get a refund, not store credit. I tend to return some of my full price items to my local outlet. The SA's there love when they see me coming with my full price returns! LOL I think the SA's have snagged most of the items I've returned and they've never made it to the floor. I drive by my outlet more than the boutique, so it's just more convenient.
  14. Can you return a boutique purchase to an outlet? I just bought a bag yesterday, but I need to return it for something else, and we are taking a trip to las vegas this weekend, starting tomorrow, and I was going to hit the outlets. So I thought while I was there I could just exchange it there, but since it's a full price new item will they take it there? I was kinda hoping I'd get two factory bags out of my one new boutique bag while I was there.
  15. Yes you can. Bring your receipt with you so you can get a refund. Without it, you'll just get merch. credit instead.