Question about Returning....

  1. Ok, so I received a Chanel that I ordered from an out of state Saks. Unfortunately, I do not like the color, so I want to return it. My SA was really nice and I have ordered and returned from him before. So, here is my question: If I return it to my local store, will he somehow find out that I returned it and lose the sale? He is just so nice, I don't want him to know. How ridiculous, right?:wacko: I just can't help it! LOL
  2. From my understanding the store you are returning the bag to takes the hit. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But that doesn't mean the SA won't call him to let him know. I know how you feel though...about not wanting him to know or feeling bad about returning it. LOL

    Good luck!
  3. I don't think he will know. I'm not sure how Saks systems run. But from my knowledge all returns are anonymous unless someone tells.
  4. I thought it came off the SA"s commission though? so he will eventually know...
  5. I've been told they know. That they get some kind of commission list each month or something.
    I think the returning store does take the hit for the total sales that month, but the original SA still loses their part. Even so, you should return it if you don't like it. If the SA is really that nice, he'll understand.
  6. The SA loses that sale.They are able to see all their sales AND RETURNS.
  7. What about making an exchange? Do you think he will find out? I know this seems silly but.......I guess some of you can relate!
  8. Ur SA will lose their commission but if u let them handle the exchange they will get the new commission. I am in the same boat only I got an EGC on a bag that was sent to me and and I am not sure that I want it! I feel bad that my SA went out of his way to find it for me, gave me a EGC for it, and now I am not sure. What happens to the EGC amount?? Is it still valid if I return the bag?? Anyone know?
  9. ^they are supposed to deduct the EGC AMOUNT FROM THE RETURNED BAG
  10. If you exchange they still get the sale. Atleast thats how Neimans does it. I buy alot from Tysens Corner, and I make sure she gets the credit for an exchange, or I take a credit, so her sale stays the same.

  11. ^^^ That's so sweet of you!:tup: