Question about returning to an outlet...

  1. I went to Woodbury back on December 1st and I purchased about 5 things. I then returned one bag and a matching wallet because I just didnt love them and I got something else. I have purchased other things at the outlet since then. The Fall Patchwork tote bag from 2006 I believe that I bought on Dec.1st (with the matching wristlet) has been sitting since then. I am contemplating returning both and getting a medium or large Carly because it's the only other bag I really want right now.

    My question you think they will penalize me because I returned so much?? LOL I only ask because the other two returns are on the same receipt.

  2. I know that they track your purchases and returns. However, I really don't think that what you have described would be deemed excessive. I worry about these things as well, but considering what others have described here, I wouldn't worry.

    I just recently read that anytime you return anything to the boutique, they will not sell it there and it goes to the outlet. That sort of bothered me...I had just ordered (sight unseen) one of the Heritage totes in pink. I know that everyone else loves them...but it just wasn't me. I didn't even unwrap it...just took it straight back the day it arrived via Fed Ex. I worried that it had to go to the outlet!
  3. Coach Bag I have never heard that one before. They wont send a new undamaged bag to the outlet.... unless it is a delete or about to be a delete... so the heritage either gets tehre by accident or by return

    OP, that is not excessive and they only mark it if u do excessive returns without reciept that are suspicious
  4. Thanks guys, I think I will return them. =)
  5. The last 2 times I went to Woodbury I had returns & they were really nice. I think as long as you're returning NWT items with the receipt it's not a problem :tup: