Question about returning & GC


Jan 11, 2008
Do purchases made with GC have the same benefit of commission for SAs?

I have some GCs earned from Saks promos I need to use soon. But as I think more and more about it now, it's unlikely I'll be getting a new bag soon. So I was wondering if I could return a bag I bought not long ago and buy it again right away with those previously mentioned GCs.

However, it does sound a bit tacky... And I really don't want my SA to lose his commission. As those promo GCs are technically free credits given from Saks, I'm wondering if they might regard it differently in terms of commissions.

FYI, the bag I'm thinking of was not purchased during any promo.

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA.
Jun 23, 2007
I don't know how it works at Saks, but a SA at Nordstrom told me that they don't make a commission from selling a gift card, but when it becomes "currency" whoever makes the sale gets the credit. I don't know about the free gift cards. I would assume they get commission for a sale that is executed with the card. I know they can get upset when returns occur on days where they have certain goals to reach.
I would return the bag and re-purchase it. After all, it's you that has to be satisfied with the sale. The SA will be okay.