Question about returning bag to Saks...

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  1. Last week I bought a Black GST with silver h/w from Saks in Michigan. It hasnt arrived yet, but I have decided that I would rather have the gold h/w instead, since I wear more gold jewelry and the Cotton Club I just bought has silver h/w.
    So how can I return it? Do I just refuse the delivery when it comes & call the SA who sold it to me & tell her it is coming back? Or do I take it & ship it back on my own? Im not sure what the best way to return this bag is.....
  2. Is there any saks store around? If yes, the easiest is to bring it to your local store.
  3. Saks here does not sell Chanel handbags.
  4. Just ship it back insured...BUT call the SA and give her a heads up

    U can still return a CHANEL bag to ANY SAKS..regardless of whether they carry CHANEL or not
  5. Where would I return it to at the Saks here, if there is no Chanel boutique/section? (Is Chanel at Saks part of Saks, or seperate? My credit card was billed from Saks.)
  6. I understand your concern about not wanting to have to re-ship back and pay insurance.

    There should be a way for you to refuse the package and it will automatically go back to Saks. The only thing is that it may take a while for processing.

    i would call the SA and ask for specifics. If she cannot help you then call the shipper (UPS or fedex) and ask for details on what happens if a package is refused.

    Good luck!
  7. Gina, just take it to the handbag dept. of your local Saks. They should be able to process the return and ship the bag back to the Michigan store so you don't have to incur the expense. I'm bringing my Chanel to the Nordstrom in Chandler, AZ tomorrow which doesn't have a Chanel boutique; they're processing the return and shipping it to Seattle for me.
  8. I've always taken my Chanel returns to the customer service dept of my local saks (which doesnt carry Chanel) and they've never refused it.
  9. ^^^that's what i would suggest
  10. Return it to your local Sake if it is easier. I can't see Saks paying for you to send the bag back to them.
    On a different not this now makes me question designer bags being returned to stores that don't sell them there.
    Makes you wonder how the SA at Saks that do not carry Chanel would be able to spot a good fake bag?
    My friend in one major dept. store said someone returned a fake Chanel to them, it had the tag on with the plastic thing so the SA just took it back. You can buy those little plastic guns to put price tags on in a lot of places, so to me this could be a easy thing to do.
  11. Def. take it to your customer service department at your local saks and they will take care of it
  12. ^I agree with returning it yourself to your Saks store..That way your credit will be immediate..and you can order the bag that you really want...No worries..I'm sure you won't have a prob...I ordered a bag online from Saks and sent it to Saks PA to have it credited as I bought another bag from that store...No problems..everything worked out fine..Good luck!!
  13. Take it back to the shop where you bought it. Always remember that you can return your handbag within 14 days of purchase.
  14. My Saks doesn't carry Chanel either, but I just return my Chanel items to the handbag department. They never give me any trouble, they just take it and refund my money.:yes:
  15. I'd return in store if possible or by mail. Refusing delivery could become very messy.