Question about returning a Coach bag - and hello, fellow Coach lovers. :)

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  1. Hi everyone! I am new here, and I have quite a few Coach bags (as well as some from other designers). I love Coach's quality and style.

    I purchased a bag from Coach online this fall and I still haven't used the bag. It still has the tag on it but I didn't save the shipping receipt, because at the time I thought I wanted the bag for certain. It was a limited edition bag (the Ergo patchwork in the beautiful fall/winter colors) and sold out very quickly. I think if I were going to use the bag, I would have by now, and I have a lot of guilt about not using the bag! :shame:

    I'm wondering if I can still return the bag. Does anyone have experience doing this? I've only returned Coach online purchases within a week after buying.

    Thanks so much for any advice! :smile:
  2. Welcome! You may be able to return it for store credit~~~maybe someone esle can chime in!
  3. Hi and Welcome!!! You can return it for store credit, but I don't know if you will get full retail price for the bag. I would call your Coach store and ask them what you would get for it.
  4. It's really at the discretion of the store and the SA. As long as it's new, unworn and with attached tags you shouldn't have a problem getting a store credit. Unfortunately, though, some people have had problems returning without a receipt. As long as you don't do it all the time I think it's usually fine.
  5. You will have no problems returning without a receipt. The problem you may run into is if that bag has headed to the outlets and been discounted.. I would maybe call the Coach store and ask what the refund price would be. HTH! :tup:
  6. Welcome!! Which Ergo was it? I love those bags!! Is it the Multi Color?:love:
  7. As long as the bag is will get a merchandise credit. Coach bags never go on sale unless its a factory item. Also, anytime you make a purchase with Coach, your name is entered into their wont serve as a receipt but they will know you are a true coach customer. You should not have a problem....i have always had great experiences in any Coach store i shop in...p.s exchange your bag for the new medium lilly is gorgeous!!!!! haha
  8. Since you ordered it online from Jax, why don't you call customer service and have them look up your order. Explain that you have misplaced the packing invoice and would like to return the bag. Maybe by returning it directly to JAX , and if they know you paid full price, you can get merchandise credit for the full amount you paid instead of the outlet price.
    To me , it would be worth the phone call:smile:
  9. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. :smile: And for the advice about how to (maybe) return this bag. I will call Coach online tomorrow. I don't have a Coach store anywhere near me, unfortunately! Or maybe it's fortunate, considering I'm rather weak when it comes to Coach. :lol: I hope if I can't get a refund, I can get store credit. I have my eye on a Madeline.

    Yes, it's the Multi Color - it's really beautiful and I adore the Ergo shape - I have the same shape (large hobo, I think - I'd have to look on the web site) in the turquoise (or maybe it's pool?) color from last spring/summer and I adore that bag so much. So I know it's not the size or shape that's keeping me from using my new one, and I'm guessing that it's just I'm used to "plain" bags.
  10. Well, I sent the Ergo bag back to Coach today, after talking with them yesterday. The CS rep gave me my order number and said I would receive a credit to my original card (hope he's right!) I'm crossing my fingers that this goes through, with either a full credit or a full merchandise credit. :smile: Thanks again to everyone who replied with suggestions!
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