Question about retail prices

  1. I am new to the Chloe forum. You can usually find me over at the Balenciaga forum. I have recently found a great contact for all kinds of bags. She has a brand new (used twice) Chloe paddington chocolate. She wants $900. Is that a good price? I have been wanting one of these for awhile now. She said she can't even tell that it has been used before. Thanks for any info you guys can provide.

  2. I also live in the Bbag forum, but if you are positive it is authentic $900 is a great deal. I have a blanc paddy and absolutely love it.
  3. It's a good price for a used bag, but the real question is, is it authentic? Can she provide the source of purchase, and a valid receipt? Can she show you pictures of the EXACT bag you will receive, or can you see it in real life? Honestly, if the bag was only used 2x, she could get a lot more than $900. You need to ask more questions. A great contact for all kinds of bags is most likely selling fakes. I know, I'm a downer. I'd rather have peace of mind and buy retail than try to find a bargain and always wonder if it is authentic.
  4. Yes I am absolutely positive it is authentic. She is the wife of a close dealer/friend of ours. She has contacts with Neimans and other stores where she gets bags at 50% off. I just found out today that she does this so I contacted her immediately. She is sending me the Paddy fedex overnight to check out and then I can decide. I will post pics when I get it.
  5. That sounds like a great deal! Congrats!
  6. Oh man, what a deal! Can't wait to see your pics! Congrats!

  7. On current season bags? How on earth does she manage that? :huh: I would find it hard enough to believe that she could get 50% off in one store; but in several?! :hrmm:

    I'm 100% with roey on this, very soon you will be able to get 50% off a Paddy in the sales. I would definitely wait until then, if I were you.
  8. Roey, 50% off paddingtons?! When does that happen?!
  9. Neiman Marcus in Boca Raton, FL has Paddys...It's the newer greyish blue color (not the Jean Moyer, but almost greener:smile: if that makes sense...with the silver/ pewter hardware...down to $897....brand new! Really Pretty bag!
  10. I want a black one realllllly bad... if anyone sees one on sale, PLEASE contact me! I will have to find a home for my taupe but if I have to, I can!
  11. :sick: Yikes...sorry...the Paddy was $1078...the Silverado Chocolate Hobo was $897! Sorry about that mistake...the sales are CRAZY...can't keep my phones from ringing!!!!:shocked:
  12. Ok here are the pics I just took. I love the bag. Let me know if you guys want other photos. I wasn't sure what to take pics of. The lighting was kind of bad so let me know what you think. :yes:
    Chloe.jpg Chloe1.jpg Chloe2.jpg Chloe3.jpg Chloe5.jpg Chloe4.jpg Chloe6.jpg Chloe7.jpg
  13. chicbags is a total paddy expert. Hopefully she'll be along soon... it looks great to me but these fakes are getting reallllllly hard to detect
  14. sorry I think its fake :sad:
  15. Can you take a pic of the serial no. tag on the inside? does it smell...sounds like a funny question, but VERY important!!!:biggrin: