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  1. Right now, you can get a $25.00 certificate for $4.00. (code EXCLUSIVE) But I
    have never used this service before.

    Does that mean you can order JUST $25.00 of food and it's free, or do you have to
    order, say, $50.00 to use the certificate.

    Has anyone here used them before?
  2. ahhh, i was wondering the same thing! i really want to buy some gift certificates but i'm not really sure of how they work..
  3. There are terms and conditions..

    Each restaurant is different - usually your bill has to be over $35 for a $25 certificate.

    Also it cant go toward tax and tip
  4. ^ The offer might be different for each restaurant. For example, I just used one today that was for 50% off a meal (up to 4 people) with a maximum discount of $25. Our meal was $38, but I paid only half that amount. I left a tip based on the original amount of the bill. Also...some restaurants add in their own tip (usually 20%) to insure that one is left, so watch that you don't tip twice. Other restaurants might give you a certain $$ amount off with a minimum purchase a bit above that amount. Most of the ones I've purchased have been for $50 off with a minimum purchase of $100 excluding alcohol. You need to read the terms, conditions & special instructions for whatever restaurant you're interested in buying a certificate for.
  5. Definitely read the terms and conditions... I once bought a bunch of gift certificates to my local sushi place to use for my lunches, but they were only good for dinner Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.
  6. Thanks everyone. I also wonder that since you have to give the certificate up front, if the kitchen
    skimps on your!
  7. I've actually never given it upfront. Always at the end of the meal with the check.

  8. I can only speak for myself, but I have never had a bad experience when using these certficates and that's why I continue to buy them. Several have even included alcohol and none have ever reduced our food portions!
  9. Every restaurant is different so read the restrictions before purchasing.
  10. Please only post DEALS & STEALS in here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.