Question about reserve

  1. I'm a bit confused and inexperienced with eBay: ok, if I bid on an item and am the highest bidder, but the reserve is not met, I don't win the item?

    I know you guys can help me; thank you!
  2. Yes, unless your bid met the reserve.
  3. 'Fraid so, though you will know because it tells you in brackets (reserve not met). Good luck.
  4. the seller can decide however to sell to you for your highest bid, if the reserve wasn't met :yes:
  5. The reserve is the least amount the seller will sell the item for, as the aution is set up-if your highest bid is lower than the reserve, you do not win the item because you have not bid at least the reserve-thats why a lot of auctions can end with say 17 bids but "reserve not met." There are fewer and fewer auctions with reserves, it has disappeared as an option from a lot of my "Sell Your Item" screens. If you were the high bidder but the reserve wasn't met you might be contacted by the seller (or a scammer)-be very careful if you venture into those waters!
  6. That is correct. Sellers can set a reserve price, which is generally not disclosed to buyers. Unless a buyer bids at least this set price or higher, the seller is not obligated to sell the item. I have, however, had experiences in the past when I've been offered the item after the auction had ended for my high bid even though it did not meet or exceed the reserve price. Sometimes, sellers realize they're unrealistic expectations and have a second thought so, even when you don't meet that reserve it sometimes pays to be the highest bidder!
  7. When a buyer contacs you and asks what the reserve is on an item you are selling, is it OK to give them the info? I am always hesitant to give it out because I don't know if eBay forbids this and they might cancel my auction. I realize eBay can't possibly monitor thousands of responses on ongoing auctions, but someone mentioned once that they have a staff that monitors questions and responses randomly. Does anyone know if this is true and if it is OK to give out your reserve if asked?
  8. I've asked lots of time and that never was a problem, I don't see why it should be :confused1: It's kinda like having a buy-it-now price, kwim?
  9. Thank you all for the help and advice :yes:

  10. i wish sellers would just but their starting bid at whatever the lowest they were willing to take.
  11. Yeah, it is kinda of strange. But I guess if you start at a lower price you'll have more look-e-loos. I'm guilty of it. When I search an item I'm more apt to click on the ones with the lowest's human nature.
  12. I agree. I avoid reserve auctions for this reason. I don't want to play guessing games.
  13. I have often asked a seller what their reserve price might be and always get the answer. Then I know if I should bid or not.
  14. I know!! Why don't they just do that? :cursing: It still protects the lowest price they will take, but stops all the silly guessing games. I wouldn't bother with an auction that would not disclose their reserve. I don't see what is in it for the Seller... :shrugs:
  15. Perhaps they wanna see how far the price can running? :shrugs: I mean, for example, if they put $400 then nobody place a bid after auction close. Next time, they wanna know how much ppl expect to pay so they start from $9.99 but put reserve? Not sure...

    Or by safe insertion fees reason? :shrugs: