Question about reselling

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  1. I have a purse that I plan to sell and I have no knowledge about the designer purse after market. I had assumed Ebay was the way to go, but given what I've read regarding fraud, I'm not so sure. Most of the rest of what I've bought and sold on there was <$100, so no big deal if it wasn't what I hoped.

    Are there other venues that I should consider or is Ebay pretty much it? Craigslist makes me shudder, and I don't think I'd get many viewers anyway. W. Michigan just isn't a great market for that stuff.

    Would I be better off trying to place it on consignment?

    And since I'd rather not get bent over on the deal, what is the resale market like on this stuff. (New in Box) Could I expect to get 50% of retail? 75%? 25%?:confused1:

    I was checking with one local store and I know that lady thought I might be a sucker. She hemmed and hawed and sighed and said that since she didn't have much stock left, she could give me $150 cash or $200 store credit. Yeah lady, right, and would you give me TWO WHOLE shiny dimes for my dirty beat up quarter too?

    At any rate, I'll take any suggestions.

    I wasn't sure if this was general enough for this forum, or if it should go in the ebay thread. I assume it will get moved if needed.
  2. Welcome to the Purse Forum! Just to let you know that buying/ selling/ trading here is NOT permitted unless you have been approved for the Marketplaza.

    eBay is always a good choice due to the size of the market - there are also eBay consignors that will take your bag

    You can also try online consignment sites such as annsfabulousfinds and jillsconsignment

    Also authentic-luxury and imagechic are similar to eBay where you can register as a seller/ buyer
  3. I edited my post to remove the reference to what kind of purse it was. I didn't want to give the impression of trying to do an end-run around the forum rules regarding selling.
  4. ^^^ No problem!

    Have you checked sold listings on eBay?
  5. I have, but I never seem to find this one on there.(I'm guessing people tend not to sell them once they have it) I'm pretty sure it was a 2006/2007 model and not readily available now. When I have found sort of similar items, they have been used. That is one of the things I'm uncertain of. Does the fact that it is new in the box make much of a difference, or is the fact that I am a non-commercial reseller effectively make it "used".

    If it is generally going to be regarded as used because it isn't being sold by a retailer, then I can used the auctions I have seen as more of a guideline. But I would hope that being new in the box would make a difference.
  6. Well, as an Ebay seller myself, yes if the bag has NEVER been carried then it can be listed as in new condition. If the bag has been carried even once, then you can list it as in excellent condition. Ebay does not allow the terms "like-new" and removes auctions when they see the auction phrased like this. If the bag is new or in excellent condition, yes you could get far more than if it were in only good or very good condition. One important factor is what model bag you are trying to sell, for some models are far more popular than others and of course when there is a demand then you can usually get a greater amount of bidding and money in the end.
  7. Would recommend if you want to sell yourself.